Hello everyone, and welcome to our latest #savewestcliff update.

Over 150 people have joined our #savewestcliff movement in the past week. To all our new members, thanks for joining us!

We now have more than 450 community members and it’s growing daily. Thank you for reaching out to friends and community members!


On Monday February 13, at 5:30pm, City Management will be doing a Zoom webinar to provide an update on the next steps with emergency repairs, the plan and beyond. We encourage everyone to join the Zoom or dial in by phone.

Here is a link to the meeting:


From the City:

“Join the City of Santa Cruz to learn about damages to West Cliff Dr., the Adaptation and Management Plan, and the recovery efforts.”

We encourage everyone to join and participate.

The Seymour Center is hosting a watch party for the City Zoom Webinar on Monday at 5:15pm. If you would like to join in person and engage with other community members here are the details:

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Click on the Flyer above or Register Here

Join the City's Webinar Remotely Here


“This is an inflection point,” said Hilary Bryant, one of those former mayors and a primary advocate for “Save West Cliff. “This is a moment when we really have to make some significant decisions. I don’t believe we can continue to just patch up these spots that are falling in. There needs to be a more strategic, overarching look at the entire West Cliff environment and we need to think about how we want to protect that important piece of coastline for future generations — or not. That’s the other thing. If we decide to not do anything, then we will have nothing.”


“Griggs and Revell, along with a community group called Save West Cliff, say it may be time for a reality check.”


“We are Surf City, and it’s a place where people can access nature,” said Justin Cummings, a Santa Cruz County supervisor and former city mayor who joined the Save West Cliff group. “I’m just really hoping we can figure out a way to maintain that access.... But trying to stop the ocean from doing its thing is not going to work.”


“It’s one of those places that we all have an attachment to for whatever reason,” said Bryant. “We all feel very passionate about it and want to protect and preserve the area for future generations.”



To give us all a sense of how people feel about West Cliff, we thought it would be fun to share some of the amazing submissions from the past week:

What are your main activities on West Cliff?

"Walking, enjoying the ocean air, talking with friends, watching ocean animals, meditation, photography." – Karen

"Walking, viewing, photographing, meeting friends, sharing family walks, enjoying the beauty of nature, discovering new wave and cliff formations, generally the ocean provides my health boost everyday". – Julie

"Memoires and hopes to create (and finish) paintings, now that I live up in Washington. Photographs and paintings of the rocks and water in years past. I did several plein-air paintings adjacent to the section near Woodrow that appears to have suffered the most damage. I was Devastated when I saw the photographs, because walking along and painting scenes of West Cliff are my most important memories of Santa Cruz".– Linda

"I was born in the sisters Hospital that is now the dream Inn Parking lot, my dad went to Santa Cruz High, I went to Santa Cruz High and my daughter went to Santa Cruz High, the activities are endless." – Cece

I walk my dog on it everyday. I’ve loved West Cliff since high school, for over forty years. In fact, I bought my house within walking distance of West Cliff 10 years ago because it’s my favorite place in the world to walk." - Suzanne

Do you have any magic skills that might benefit West Cliff?

"I have good collaborative skills and a great understanding of climate change."

– Monica

"I have worked as a publicly elected official at Fallen Leaf Lake (near Lake Tahoe) so have some understanding of the role of public agencies and the challenges of melding the desires of different constituencies. My primary residence is in Los Gatos but two years ago I purchased a house in the Seabright area of Santa Cruz. I am a UC Santa Cruz alumnus and have been running and walking on West Sea Cliff for the last 20 years." – Wanda

"I have a large front yard, patio and driveway where we could gather. We could hold a neighborhood party/fundraiser in my front yard!" – Debra

"I am seasoned in working with the public sector on many issues. As a recently retired CEO I consulted government and non-profits." – Patricia

"I hope magic is not what you’re hoping for. My skills: 41 year City resident, physician, student of natural sciences including earth, ocean, atmosphere, also of people and history." – Helen

"Passion. 30 years of volunteer & event management in Santa Cruz." – Allie

"Experience on waterfront redevelopment and nature based solutions for climate adaptation." – Ashley

"I am a former Public Works Director that was involved with the sea wall on East Cliff Drive between 32nd and 38th Avenues, and for the Twin Lakes Beach improvements". – John

Do you have any additional comments?

"I moved to the area at 22. I’m 66 now and west cliff is THE place that is most Santa Cruz in its feeling of joy and community." – Karen.

"I have lived in the Circles since 1994, when I purchased my little cottage. I bought my cottage because of its proximity to West Cliff." – Elbina

"This road needs to be saved regardless of whether or not it is changed to one way or not. Letting it go would be like letting 17 mile drive go in Monterey." – Barbara

"Over my years here I have been both impressed and nervous about the variety of activities and modes of travel on west cliff and I am interested in ensuring that re-imagined roadway better support the growing forms of mobility and provide a safe space for all." – Joan

"I’ve owned a home one block from West Cliff for us 32 years and deeply care about it." – Monica

"Thank you for organizing this. West Cliff is one of the primary reasons I live in Santa Cruz and part of my daily experience. I want to preserve it for my daughters (age 1 and 4)." – Jen


A number of people have uploaded images of what West Cliff means to them via the registration form at savewestcliff.com. We thought we would share some of these images in our email updates. Here is a submission from Linda Donovan:

Picture1-1 West Cliff, watercolor (1994) – Linda Donovan


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