Staff Report on SWC Repairs

Click the below image or this link to read and download the Staff Report on SWC Repairs

Upcoming City Council Meeting, Emergency Repairs and 50-year Plan

It's getting real. Time to act.

Roadmap Review and Recommendations

City Council Adopts Three Motions in Response to Community Feedback

Upcoming City Council Meeting on May 23rd

Hello everyone, and welcome to our latest #savewestcliff update.

Save West Cliff Update - April 28, 2023

Important West Cliff Meeting: Thursday, April 27, City Meeting at London Nelson Community Center

Hello Everyone,

Save the Date Revision // New Date Apr 27th

Correction to our March 27th, 2023 Update

SWC Member Briefing, March 27th

Hello everyone, and welcome to our latest #savewestcliff update.

Member Briefing, March 8th

The GRIGGS Files

Member Briefing, Feb.26th

City Webinar Recap and a Historical Perspective, Feb. 19th

Episode 1 // Over 50 Years in the Making

Episode 2 // The Indecisive Decades : 1980-2020

Episode 3 // Signs of Love for West Cliff

Episode 4 // The Pandemic Changes Everything

New York Times and Tonight's City Zoom Reminder, Feb. 13th

Member Briefing, Feb. 10th

Founder/Member Briefing, Jan. 29th

Organizing Our Mission, Jan. 21st