On February 28, we will be presenting at the City Council Meeting.

Here is a link to the agenda:

City of SantaCruz.com/All Meetings 

Mayor Keeley has allocated Save West Cliff 10 minutes and we will be providing a briefing on Save West Cliff and will read our letter re: Item 23.

You can read the documents by clicking on the images below:swc blog listing images_1 copy 3-2

Click Image to Openpic of letter for emailClick Image to Open

A note of thanks to one of our members - Hugo Selbie - who helped us with his data science skills and created some of the charts you will see in the briefing.

A few of us will be attending live, come join us!

The topic starts at 2:45 and we will be speaking at or around 3:45 during the Public Comment portion.

If you can’t join live, here is how you watch:

Click on Zoom link (no time delay): https://zoom.us/j/94684401344

Online at http://www.cityofsantacruz.com/government/city-council/council-meetings

Online at Watch – Community Television of Santa Cruz County

Cable TV Comcast Channel 25

Thank you,

Save West Cliff

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