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The West Cliff Recreation Area (WCRA) is one of the most iconic promenades along coastal California and the world. It is, and has been, the soul of the westside and the main attraction to Santa Cruz County for decades. On any given day, thousands of locals and visitors walk, bike, or drive along its rugged cliff-top, enjoying a commanding view of Monterey Bay. Others enjoy the nearshore waters, riding world-class waves, observing whales breaching, or otters feeding their young in the kelp beds, among a myriad of other creatures.
The WCRA incorporates Local, State, and Federal parks and preserves. It includes The City of Santa Cruz Linear Park as defined in the Parks 2030 Master Plan; State Parks include Lighthouse Field State Beach and Natural Bridges State Marine Reserve; Recreational uses of the Pacific Ocean offshore of the WCRA are protected for 300 yards by the US Coast Guard; Federally protected areas include the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and the California Coastal National Monument which protect the cliffs, beaches, intertidal areas and ocean. The WCRA lies within the California Coastal Zone and is part of the Santa Cruz World Surfing Reserve, one of 12 globally.  

We understand that it may take a decade to align all the affiliated agencies; however, it is essential to protect this unique ecosystem for future generations and provide access for the local community and those traveling to Santa Cruz.