One of our most famous members at Save West Cliff is Gary Griggs. He is Distinguished Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences University of California, Santa Cruz and he has been teaching and writing about the Californian Coastline and Santa Cruz for decades.

Gary has been sharing his insights and relevant articles with us as we seek to understand the challenge ahead and potential solutions. We thought we would share them here so everyone can benefit from his knowledge.

1. Effects of the Santa Cruz Harbor on Coastal Processes of Northern Monterey Bay, California
G. B. Griggs and
R. E. Johnson
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2. Impact of 1983 Storms on the Coastline
Gary Griggs
Rogers Johnson
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3. Influence of El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Events on the Evolution of Central California’s Shoreline
Curt D. Storlazzi, Gary B. Griggs
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4. Impact of Sand Retention Structures on Southern and Central California Beaches
Everts Costal
June 2002
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5. Headlands and Groins: Replicating Natural Systems
Gary B. Griggs
Winter 2004
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6. California's Retreating Coastline: What Next?
Gary B. Griggs
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7. California Coastal Sand Retention Today: Attributes and Influence of Effective Structures
Nicole Kinsman
Gary B. Griggs
Fall 2010 / Winter 2011
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8. Beach Users' Perceptions and Knowledge of Engineered Retention Structures in California
Nicole Kinsman, Gary B. Griggs
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9. Beach Widths, Cliff Slopes, and Artificial Nourishment Along the California Coast
Gary Griggs
Nicole Kinsman
Winter 2016
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10. Documenting a Century of Coastline Change along Central California and Associated Challenges: From the Qualitative to the Quantitative
Gary Griggs, Lida Davar and Borja G. Reguero
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11. Groins, Sand Retention, and the Future of Southern California’s Beaches
Gary Griggs, Kiki Patsch, Charles Lester, and Ryan Anderson
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We also found these two books extremely helpful:
Santa Cruz Coast (Then and Now)
Gary Griggs and Deepika Shrestha Ross
Sep, 2006
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Introduction to California's Beaches and Coast
(California Natural History Guides)
Gary Griggs
Jun 2010
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